Automatic digital  V grooving cutting  machine
Automatic digital  V grooving cutting  machine
Automatic digital  V grooving cutting  machine
Automatic digital  V grooving cutting  machine

Automatic digital V grooving cutting machine

Automatic V grooving cutting machine for rigid box.
Function: it is used for make V cutting grooving into cardboard,paperboard,chipboard,grey board,corrugated board.etc.
High accuracy, high stability,each adjust,easy operation

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This model is specially designed for notching V shape grooving , its advantage which can do several material, such as thin paperboard,industrial cardboard, gray cardboard, paperboard and other cardboard materials. High accuracy, High stability, High precision.

          Help the user to produce the hardcover product, case maker, different kinds of box, etc
          It has high notching accuracy, dustless, little noise, highly effective,energy conservation, environmental protection. Help you to solve the package grooving problem.


1. Automatic feeding system ,in high feeding speed.

2. Automatic Self-aligning device is equipped with wear-resistant rubber wheels to ensure the stability of edge correction,and also improve the accuracy and security greatly,easy to operate.

3. The core part of drum is made of seamless steel,polished,chrome plated,aging treatment,precipitation,so it is not only very round,the beating accuracy is up to 0.03mm,high durability,long life,the grooving accuracy is +/-0.05mm .

4. Digital indicator help user to get the best precise positioning up to +/-0.01mm,easy for confirm knife position (include cutting depth and left & right moving distance) , keep the surface of drum smooth without any scratch from knife , enhance speed of adjusting the knife .

5. Automatic receiving part for collecting the final board.

6. Automatic groove waste delivery out of the machine,save labor,improve output.

Technical Parameters:


Model no.:


Material size:




Best Accuracy:


Normal Accuracy:


Fastest Speed:


Normal Speed:


Groove degree:

85°-130° adjustable



Max grooving lines:

8 grooving lines max (customized: 12 grooving lines max)

Knife holder standard :

12 sets knife holder(6set of 90º +6 set of 120º)

V shape min distance:

0:0(no limited)

Grooving knife position device:

Digital indicator

Machine size:



1750 kgs


380V/3 phase/50HZ