Manual metal inserting  machine
Manual metal inserting  machine

Manual metal inserting machine

SL-FK1000B is semi auto metal sheet pasting machine, which is used for making book-type box,folding box,gift box and hardcover box with metal sheet.
1.Automatically metal sheet pasting, work speed as 25-30pcs/min, to help the user to save labor.
Only need 1 worker to operate and finish all processing.
2.Normally can put 2pcs metal sheet at one time, it also be customized with customer’s requirement.
3.PLC control system, the operation is simple, easy to adjust.
4.Metal sheet stick positioning precision, glue dry quickly and no tear off.

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Cardboard Max size: 1000x500mm (LxW)

Cardboard Min size: no limited

Glue Volume: 1mg-200mg

Glue type: White melt

Machine precision: ± 0.05mm

Numbers of Metal Sheet: 1 or 2 pcs

Square Metal Length: 10-20mm

Square Metal Width:  ≧ 8mm

Round Metal Diameter : ≧ 10mm

Min distance of Metal sheet: 45mm

Speed: 25-30 pcs/min

Power: 220V/50HZ

Total Power: 650W

Machine weight: 240 kg

Machine size: 700x650x1300mm